Verona Board of Education Members 


    Mrs. Pamela Priscoe

     President, 2024

    Mrs. Denise Verzella

    Vice President, 2024

    Mrs. Diana Ferrera

    Mr. Christopher Wacha

    Mr. Michael Boone



    Board of Education Committee Assignments 

    Government and Policy
     Mrs. Ferrera and Mrs. Verzella 

    Mrs. Verzella and Mr. Boone 

     Buildings & Grounds: 
    Mr. Boone and Mr. Wacha 

    Mrs. Priscoe and Mr. Wacha 

    Mrs. Ferrera and Mrs. Priscoe 

    VEA: Mr. Wacha and Mrs. Verzella

    VAA: Mrs. Ferrera and Mr. Boone

    New Jersey School Boards Delegate: 
    Mrs. Ferrera