• Physical Education Expectations



    Warm-Up Exercises

    ü Performs all warm-up exercises for the day

    ü Performs all warm-up exercises as specified by the teacher.

    Effort & Participation

    ü Fully prepared and on time for PE class.

    ü Engages in full participation during all activities throughout the class period.

    ü Demonstrates appropriate level of effort during all activities throughout the class period.


    ü Exhibits proper behavior in the locker-room.

    ü Displays good sportsmanship by respecting others and yourself.

    ü Abides by class rules, game rules, and directions given by the teacher.

    ü Refrains from using inappropriate language and gestures.

    ü NO gum chewing during PE class.






    Please make certain your child has appropriate footwear on their PE days.
    F.N. Brown PE Scedule:       Mondays - KO, 1A, 2G, 4A, & 4W
                                             Tuesdays -  LLD2, 1S, 2G, 3C, 4M, & 4W
                                             Wednesdays - KP, 1S, 2H, 2P, & 4M
                                             Thursdays - LLD1, LLD2, KO, 1A, 2H, 3C, 3P, & 4A
                                             Fridays - LLD1, KP, 2P, & 3P