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    Name:Mrs. Nancy Hiscano
    Grade/Subject:Second Grade
    Professional Bio:

    Mrs. Hiscano was a Theatre Major and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Montclair State University. For five years, Mrs. Hiscano toured the tri-state area with The Educational Theatre Company (ETC) providing educational performances for young audiences (K-8). The troupe worked with New Jersey State Council on the Arts to teach curriculum through drama in the Newark school system. In addition, Mrs. Hiscano worked with ETC to create one to nine week programs in Conflict Resolution, Science, and Social Studies with an emphasis on Language Arts and Basic Skills development. These programs were run in many schools in the area. Realizing a love of the classroom setting through working with ETC, Mrs. Hiscano attended Kean University and received a Certification in Elementary Education. Upon completing student teaching at F.N. Brown School in third grade, Mrs. Hiscano taught fourth grade in both Forest Avenue and F.N. Brown Schools and second grade in Brookdale Avenue School. Mrs. Hiscano has been teaching second grade at F.N. Brown since 2001. Mrs. Hiscano is a trained Star Lab instructor and is a faculty representative on the F.N. Brown Outdoor Discovery Environment (ODE) Committee. She also serves as the Membership Chairperson of the Verona Education Association. Mrs. Hiscano holds a Master of Science Degree in Education with a specialization in Elementary Reading and Literacy and is also an IMSLEC (International Miltisensory Structured Language Education Council) certified Orton-Gillingham instructor.


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    You can reach Mrs. Hiscano at school (973)571-6753 ext. 4427  or by e-mail at nhiscano@veronaschools.org


    2-H's Special Class Schedule 2023-2024  


    Monday-8:35-9:05- Gym - Don't forget your sneakers!    

                  9:10-9:40- Music

    Tuesday-8:40-9:10- Music
                   9:40-10:10- Health (every other week)
                         1:45-2:30- Library- Don't forget your books!

    Wednesday-   1:45-2:30- Art


    Thursday-    9:15-9:45- Spanish  
    Friday- 2:10-2:40- Gym- Don't forget your sneakers!




    Students are expected to complete homework each night. Second graders should do their homework independently and only ask for help after they have given the assignment or problem their best effort. In an effort to promote good work habits, students will copy homework assignments daily. Please be sure they use the assignment pad to guide them through the homework routine. All work is expected to be handed in neatly and on time.


    Please check homework pads daily, as assignments may change.

    MONDAY--Fundations- 3 times each

    TUESDAY--Fundations- ABC Order

    WEDNESDAY-- Fundations- 5 Sentences

    THURSDAY-- Fundations- Review for quiz

    No Homework

    * Read EVERY NIGHT for 20 minutes

    *Depending on lessons taught in class,additional work in Math and/or Language Arts may be sent home if reinforcement is needed.
    * Although it is not assigned daily, the consistent practice of basic addition and subtraction facts ( and multiplication once introduced) is beneficial for all students to build fact fluency and quick mental math skills.



    * Clean out your backpack as soon as you get home and lay out your homework assignments. Work in a neat and quiet place

    *Give notices to parents!

    * Schedule your work so that you can get it done, have some fun, and go to bed on time.

    * When you finish your homework, double check your assignment pad to be sure you did not forget anything.

    * Show your finished work to your parents.

    * Pack everything back up in your backpack for school tomorrow.