• F.N. Brown Health Schedule (Bi-Weekly Classes): 
    Mondays - LLD1, 3C, 4M, & 4W
    Tuesdays - KO & KP
    Wednesdays - LLD2, 2G, 2H, & 3P
    Thursdays - No Health Classes
    Fridays - 1A, 1S, 2P & 4A
    Topics of Discussion:
    Kindergarten - Self Image, Communication, Safety Signs, Friends, Anger, Cooperation, Keeping Safe, Stress, Nutrition (My Plate)
    1st Grade - My Plate, 911 Emergency, Cold & Flu, Lice, Teeth, Bones, Muscles, Determination, Digestive System, Stress, Conflict Resolution
    2nd Grade - Self Image, Respect, Bullying, Fire Safety, Tattling vs. Telling, The Heart (RHR, & THR),
                        Allergies & Asthma, Stress, Communicating Well 
    3rd Grade - Nutrition, Nutrition Facts Label, Stress, Risk, Setting Goals, Personal Hygiene, First Aid,
                        CPR/Burns, Water Safety, Concussions, Conflict Resolution, Substance Abuse (Media Influence)
    4th Grade - Smoking, Substance Abuse, Peer Pressure, Cancer & Community Service (St. Jude Math-A-Thon),
                        Diabetes & Community Service (JDRF Kids Walk), Fitness, Body Systems