Kindergarten Supply List 2023-2024


    The following items will be necessary this year:

    • 1 box Crayola crayons (24 count)

    • 1 box of Dixon Ticonderoga sharpened lead pencils – these will be used for shared supplies - please no colors or designs

    • 4 LARGE glue sticks 

    • 2 pocket folders with pockets across the bottom, not on the sides - any color. (Please put your child’s name on the front of BOTH folders.)

    • A hard PLASTIC pencil box- no zip closure, metal, or pop-it boxes 8x5 SIZE ONLY (labeled with child’s name)

    • A change of clothes in a plastic bag (labeled with child’s name)

    • A large T-shirt for art in a plastic bag (labeled with child’s name)

    • A backpack that is big enough to carry a folder, snack, and lunch (preschool size is too small.)

    If you are interested in donating any supplies to our classroom, here is a short   list of things we always need:

    • Tissues

    • Wet Ones

    • Clorox Wipes

    • Pump Hand Soap

    We will have plenty of supplies in the classroom as well. Please have your child bring only these necessary things and leave toys and other items at home. 

    Be sure that your child brings a backpack, a healthy NUT-FREE snack with a drink, and a NUT-FREE lunch for the first day of school. Snacks and lunches should be packed in two separate bags. Let your child know which bag is their snack and which bag is their lunch. It is a great idea to have a practice snack time and lunch time at home.  This will help your child be more comfortable opening bags and containers independently. 


     Thank you for getting your child off to an AWESOME start!