Mission Statement


    The mission of the Verona Schools Facilities Department is to provide the safest, healthiest, and most inviting environment possible for our students and staff. We will always strive to do this in the most efficient and cost effective manner and provide the highest level of customer service to our 6 schools. In addition, we will always look to employ practices and policies which will aid us in accomplishing this mission. 


    Department Staff


    Our Department is comprised of dedicated and caring full time custodians, valued and attentive part-time custodians, skilled and diligent maintenance staff, and an incredibly energetic part-time grounds keeper.  It is my honor to supervise and work along side these individuals.


    Henry Bottiglierie / Director of Facilities


    Please contact Henry Bottiglierie (hbottiglierie@veronaschools.org) for facilities issues.