Reimbursements, Check Requests, Deposits and Budget

Manage reimbursements, checks, cash, and expenses with our Treasurer.
  • Reimbursements for Money Spent on SCA Events

    • Please submit all itemized receipts in an envelope addressed to the treasurer in the SCA mailbox. Please keep copies for your records.
    • After the event, all expense receipts must be turned within two (2) weeks. If for some reason you are holding onto receipts, you must contact the Treasurer so we can discuss why receipts are being held.
    • All receipts must be submitted in a timely fashion by the Committee Chair.  Receipts from anyone other than the chair will not be considered valid.
    • All refunds must include a proper a receipt with your name, phone number and the event name written on the receipt.
    • Please keep in mind that our account is balanced monthly and the receipts need to be filed accordingly.


    Click Here to Download the Reimbursement Form


    Check Requests

    If you require a check for your event, please email Janice Garthwaite (janicegarthwaite@gmail.comat least three (3) to five (5) days prior to the event.



    • All collected money needs to be handed into the Treasurer within one week of the close of the event.
    • Please submit money in an envelope addressed to the treasurer in the SCA mailbox. Please keep copies for your records.
    • Please utilize the deposit summary form in addition to the cash and / or check forms (download below).
    • Please make sure that the cash is counted and sorted neatly by denomination.  
    • Please check all checks for signature, dates, properly made out to FN Brown SCA and readability.
    • If anything noted is wrong with the check, please contact the person to complete or correct the check before you submit it to be deposited.
    • Please hand in your money weekly if your even exceeds one week in duration.


    Click Here to Download the Deposit Summary Form

    Click Here to Download the Cash Deposit Form

    Click Here to Download the Check Deposit Form




    The numbers in the budget are a reflection of the money that has been turned into the Treasurer, to date. These numbers change daily and will be updated prior to the next SCA meeting. If you have any questions, please contact Janice Garthwaite (

    Click Here to Download the Current SCA Budget





Last Modified on January 7, 2019