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    The Verona Board of Education coordinates the resources of the school, community, and home to guide every pupil’s growth toward becoming a self-reflective individual who can effectively function politically, economically, and socially in a democratic society. The district operates four neighborhood elementary schools, one middle school (5-8), and a 9-12 high school. A Board of Education approved curricula assures that each student receives an educational experience comparable to that of each other student in the district. Teachers are continually engaging in reviewing their instructional skills and expanding their knowledge base. The wealth of program offerings described below reflects the professional and community commitment to providing an appropriate and challenging educational environment for all students.

    Students at each elementary school are challenged by district curricula that exemplify the Common Core State Standards and the NJCCCS. Classes are a heterogeneous mix of students. Instruction is often thematic in nature to provide students with experience in the interconnectedness of curriculum. Frequently, instruction crosses grade lines. Book buddies, older and younger students paired for reading and writing activities, meet throughout the year. Immersion in print guides our language arts curriculum. Literature is the base through which much learning is initiated. Our goal is to connect reading, writing, and speaking with other subject areas. These connections also encourage higher level thinking skills. Teachers recognize that this approach to teaching instills a sense of wonder and enjoyment of reading in students. A continuing student portfolio in language arts tracks and demonstrates growth in this arena. Our mathematics program is centered on “discovering” procedures through manipulating objects, communicating understanding through writing, and solving life problems. Beginning in kindergarten, students explore such diverse topics as geometry, probability/statistics and patterns/relations. Authentic tasks are frequently used to assess student skill development and understanding. The science curriculum is rooted in scientific inquiry. Students hypothesize, engage in investigations and draw conclusions about the natural world. The local community is where the social studies curriculum begins. Through field trips and community speakers, students gain an appreciation for this locale. Study advances into the larger county, state, national and international communities. Technology and communication skills are frequently linked to the curriculum. This interdisciplinary approach to instruction is building skills that prepare students for the 21st century. The curriculum is rounded out by instruction in visual arts, performing arts, and physical education.

    The F. N. Brown staff offers students a warm, nurturing environment that fosters academic and social growth. Teachers attend to the needs of each child and modify instruction as needed in order to reinforce or enrich various concepts and skills. Student competency is well developed in all academic areas. Teachers stress the development of organization, research and study skills. All students participate in the visual arts and vocal music. Fourth graders can choose to play an instrument in the band program. Physical education and health instruction help students maintain good health and play with sportsmanship. First through fourth graders receive instruction in Spanish. The selection of a different language can be made when entering the fifth grade at our middle school. Spirit Assemblies are conducted throughout the school year. Awards are given to the class with the best lunchroom behavior. The assemblies are also occasions for student performances of varying types: plays, poetry reading, recitations, and song. 

    Special programs have brought recognition to our school. The fourth grade academically talented class received statewide first place at the Law Fair 2001 contest sponsored by the New Jersey State Bar Foundation. The award stated: “In recognition of excellence in promoting understanding of the Law and Our Justice System.” The students’ efforts were also recognized by a Joint Resolution of the New Jersey Senate and General Assembly. A second program received state recognition. Community, student, staff, and parent volunteers maintained a series of walking trails in a wooded area adjacent to the school and a beautiful butterfly garden. These facilities are used to provide the students with an environmental instructional program. The project was named an official Schoolyard Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. F. N. Brown third graders won the annual district “Battle of the Books” competition the past three consecutive school years (2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013).

    The School Community Association is extremely active in offering supportive programs which enrich the students’ school experiences. Of special note are the many cultural assemblies offered for the students’ entertainment and education. The Joint SCA Program and Calendar, which is published yearly, lists close to thirty committee activities, which volunteer parents plan and conduct. The F. N. Brown Newsletter, published by parents, informs our community of specific school and classroom happenings each month. SCA meetings that are scheduled throughout the school year provide an opportunity for all parents to play a part. Parents are encouraged to be involved in their child’s school by participating in these SCA activities.


    Anthony Lanzo, Principal
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