The purpose of the SCA is to provide educational enrichment to the school through Cultural Arts and various other programs and to support the schools with a family-school oriented community. Every year at this time, we begin to look for parents who can run next year’s committees.

    • If you see a blank on the SignUp Genius, it means a space on the committee is available and we need your help!
    • Each committee will be provided with transition documents so you are not left wondering what to do.
    • We prefer a 2-year commitment on most of our committees.
    • The following committees have only 1-year terms: 4th Grade Farewell, Parents Night Out,  Pre-K Gatherings and Parent/Teacher Gathering.
    • At least one committee representative should be present at the SCA meetings.

    There are plenty of committees for ALL our moms and dads, whether you manage the home and kids or are employed elsewhere.  See committee descriptions on the following pages. Email any questions to Megan Mazza.

    NOTE: If you have served a two-year term on a committee, you will find that your name has been removed from that committee. If you would like to hold that position for an additional two years, please send your name back in. However, we must be fair and allow people to serve whenever possible.



    PRESIDENT: Shall preside over monthly Forest Avenue SCA Board meetings and biannual SCA school meetings; shall attend Conference of SCA meetings; shall serve as liaison between the SCA, the Principal, and the Board of Education; shall put out a weekly SCA bulletin to the school community; shall oversee the operation of the SCA.

    VP OF OPERATIONS:  Shall oversee the operations of the SCA committees and liaison between the committees and the President(s); shall compile First Day Packets and be responsible for the collection of all voluntary direct donations; shall recruit new committee volunteers and chair Nominating Committee;  shall be the chair of all committees by ensuring all information is transferred to newly appointed committee chair person(s) every year; shall attend Conference of SCA meetings.

    VICE PRESIDENT OF PROGRAM: Shall prepare electronic format material (including the Forest Avenue Calendar and Committee Information) for the joint SCA booklet by specific procedure involving meetings with the Principal, Administrative Assistant, and President(s); shall post on the SCA Facebook Page and be the Twitter administrator; shall be the representative for the Forest Avenue SCA for all district wide fundraising (e.g. Food Truck Festival and Harlem Wizards); shall attend Conference of SCA meetings.

    CORRESPONDING SECRETARY: Take responsibility for all SCA gift giving, shall attend to all correspondence of the Association, including but not limited to invitations, congratulatory/sympathy cards, outside publications, and notable donations (such as books for the library or monetary donations). Shall coordinate gift giving for teachers and staff at holiday time and during Teacher Appreciation Week, as well as coordinate with the Class Parent Committee. Shall organize gifts for outgoing families in June.

    RECORDING SECRETARY Records and submits minutes for each SCA meeting; shall take minutes at each SCA meeting and shall distribute the minutes of the previous meeting; shall maintain a binder/folder of all recorded and approved minutes; shall amend minutes as deemed necessary by vote; shall maintain records of attendance at Board Meetings and School SCA meetings. Also responsible for incoming SCA correspondence.

    TREASURER: Shall keep accurate financial business records of all receipts and disbursements concerning SCA activities; shall be responsible for the SCA Checking Account. Shall present the budget at the first monthly meeting of the year, to then be presented for approval of the Association by the President(s) and shall present budget and financial reports at monthly meetings. Shall attend meetings of the Needs Assessment Committee to decide how fundraising dollars will be allocated to school needs, in conjunction with school administration, staff, and the President(s).  Additionally, the treasurer shall be responsible for filing tax returns and keeping up to date with any government forms required.  Knowledge of QuickBooks is a plus.

    SCRIP ACCOUNTANT: Shall be responsible for accurately recording the purchase, distribution, payment and deposits for all SCRIP transactions. This position also collaborates with the SCA Treasurer on reporting SCRIP profit.



    AUTHOR VISIT LIAISON: Committee members are responsible for researching, contacting, and scheduling date(s) with the author, organize a book sale, and obtain and distribute the books from the publisher. Will work directly with Mrs. Freda to do this. (1)

    BOOK FAIR: Work with committee members in the planning, scheduling, and coordinating of book fair. This includes coordinating with Scholastic Books, recruiting volunteers, setting up and decorating the gym, being present for sale days, pack up/break down of the fair, and reporting sales to Scholastic. (4)

    BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION: Organize the General Mills® box tops fundraising program and encourage box top collection from families. Time spent in school is limited. (1) 

    BULLETIN CO-EDITORS: Compile, type, and circulate the weekly Wednesday newsletter via email that helps provide information to Forest Avenue parents and faculty. Each Editor serves 1/2 the school year.  Editor need not be present at the school but requires several hours per week to organize bulletin submissions.  Microsoft Word experience is helpful. (2)   1. _______________ (1st Half)   2. _______________ (2nd Half)

    CARNIVAL: Plan and supervise spring fair held in May on Forest Ave field.  Committee members need to attend several organizational meetings, divide tasks and work on the day of the carnival.  Requires members to be present on the day of the carnival usually held on the first Friday in May.

                Co-Chairs: Supervises and coordinates all aspects of the event. (2)

                Food: Coordinates food and beverages to be sold to patrons: (2)

                Games: Coordinates setting up, running and breaking down of carnival games, arts & crafts. (2)

                Prizes: Purchase, set up and distribution of prizes on day of event. (2)          

    Tickets: Purchase/distribution of tickets used for playing games, arts and crafts, and earning prizes (2)

    CLASS PARENT COORDINATORS: Recruit class parents for all grades; hold beginning of year orientation for class parents. This committee requires some organization during the summer.  Coordinators will hold a meeting at the beginning of the school year with class parents to provide and explain class parent duties to the volunteers.  (Not eligible to be your child’s “Class Parent” with this position) (1)

    CULTURAL ARTS PROGRAM: Research and review potential programs; meet with Principal and choose 1-2 programs per year.  Members will coordinate a date and be present to welcome assembly guests. (1)

    ELECTION DAY BAKE SALE: Coordinate all food and beverage donations for the Election Day Bake Sale. Prepare flyers and post in the weekly bulletin. Assist on the day of the bake sale and organize volunteers. (5)

    ELECTION DAY TRICKY TRAY: Organize, collect, and set up raffle of “baskets”/prizes on Election Day. Prepare flyers and post in the weekly bulletin. Contact winners and distribute prizes. Organize volunteers to help during the day. (3)

    ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITTEE: Advise the SCA on ways of making our school “greener.” Liaison to the Verona Environmental Commission. Maintain butterfly garden and organize Earth Day projects. (1)                                

    FAMILY FUN NIGHT: Organize parent/student team relays; serve refreshments. January event held on a Friday evening: date TBD. Need to present on the night of the event 2-3 hours. Organize volunteers to assist. (2)                              

    FAMILY OUTING: Organize a school wide parent/student/teacher event to take place off school premises. (2)  

    FAMILY PHONE BOOK: Create directory of all student contact information. Should be computer literate. Committee lead will look for the printer and proofread. There is no time spent in school for this committee. Phonebook is due in October. (2)

    FESTIVAL OF JACK-O’-LANTERNS: Coordinate and organize pumpkin display with teachers and families. Prepare flyers and advertise the event. Setup and breakdown of festival. Held on the Friday night before Halloween. (2)

    FOOD FUNDRAISING/HALF DAY BAGELS: Organize food fundraisers such as Half-Day Bagels, Takeout Tuesdays with Lakeside Deli, and any local restaurants that hold food fundraisers. (1) 

    FOURTH GRADE FAREWELL: Plan activities for fourth grade end-of-the-year events. (These positions are for 1 year). All committee members are expected to attend and chaperone all of the Fourth Grade Farewell events. You can only be on ONE of these committees. All Committee activities are to be voted on by the committee as a whole and all decisions are subject to SCA/Faculty approval.

                Co-Chairs: Supervise and coordinate all aspects of graduating class events. (2) 

                Breakfast: Organize the breakfast prior to the farewell ceremony. (2)

                Event: Organize and run the end-of-year trip for graduating class. (2)

                Pool Party: Organize in conjunction with the three other elementary schools. (2)

                Legacy Gift: Organize, set up, and run fundraiser, usually a car wash; administrates the use of funds to purchase a gift to be donated by the graduating class to                                      Forest Avenue School or local charity organization. (2)

    Yearbook Co-Editors: Create and distribute a yearbook for the graduating class; computer/ scanning skills are essential; it's helpful to have access to photo editing software. (2)   

    Yearbook Slideshow: Create a 20-minute video/slideshow that is viewed during the farewell celebration. Work with yearbook editors to get pictures. (2)

    HAPPINESS IS SHARING: Send out flyer for new toys/gift card donations, collect donations, and arrange delivery to the Board of Health for the benefit of Verona families in need. (November/December) (2) 

    HEAVENLY HATS: Contact organizer in September via email, write announcements in weekly bulletin, and contact publicity person. Event takes place once a year in October. (1) 

    HOT LUNCH COORDINATOR: Creates and collects all hot lunch order forms and distributes lists to each hot lunch organizer.  Contracts hot lunch vendors. (1)

    HOT LUNCH ORGANIZERS: Attend each monthly hot lunch respectively and remind class parents when their respective grade needs to chaperone. Help parents and clean up.

                Bagel Organizer (1)

                Chicken Organizer (1)

                Hot Dog Organizer (1)

                Pancake Organizer (1)

                Pizza Organizer: (1)

    KITCHEN KEEPER: Purchase plates, napkins, and fruit for Monday SCA lunches.  Clean and inventory the kitchen at the beginning of the year, perform periodical check-ups throughout the year. (1)

    LIBRARY COORDINATOR: Set up volunteer schedule; set up an orientation with Librarian; conduct book inventory at the end of the year with all volunteers. (1)

    LUNCHTIME CRAFT: Organize 3 crafts per year. (Dec.-March) Each craft is done in 30-minute lunch period. Responsible for collecting money, choosing and purchasing craft, and getting volunteers to help. (2) 

    PARENTS NIGHT OUT: Organize a night out for Forest Avenue parents. (2) 

    PRE-KINDERGARTEN GATHERINGS: Receive list of registered incoming Kindergarten and organize four total workshops each month February through May. This is a 1-year position. (4) 

    PUBLICITY: Take pictures at various school events and submit pictures to local newspapers, create posters to display in school. Requires person to be present at school activities throughout the year. (1) 

    SCA CLOSET KEEPER: Keeps an inventory of the contents in the SCA closet as well as keeping the closet organized. (1)

    SCHOOL PICTURES: Schedule date with photographer, send home flyers, and attends photo sessions. Arrange for and attend retakes. Members need to be present for picture day held in the Fall. (5) 

    SCOUTS: Scout troop liaison. Respond to any parent questions regarding in-school troop activities. (2)

                Boys: 1. _____________

                Girls: 1. _____________


             Store Liaison: Place orders and pick up SCRIP from four local supermarkets. (1)

             Distribute Standing Orders: Maintain standing orders for supermarket gift cards, supply SCRIP accountant with accurate records, and recruit new families. (1)

             Shop with SCRIP/RaiseRight:  Organize physical gift card purchases during the year with Shop with SCRIP, with the main focus on Holiday Gift Card Ordering                                                                   from late November through mid-December.  Includes coordinating Whole Foods with the SCRIP Committee. (1)

    SECRET SHOPPE: This event is an opportunity for students to shop "secretly" for their families. The event is held in early December. Chairperson(s) must coordinate event scheduling with school administration, prepare flyers, oversee shopping, and storage of items. Committee members must be available all 3 days of the event to help with set up, student shopping and wrapping. In addition, all members are responsible to assist with gift shopping and storage at home.  Provide coffee/snacks for volunteers. (4) 

    SHOWCASE COORDINATOR: Create and update posters/artwork to announce all upcoming events as they occur at Forest Avenue in the display showcase at the bottom of the pick-up driveway. (1) 

    SPORTSWEAR SALE: Organize, order, and sell Forest Ave/Verona Logo apparel and other items. Orders are taken in Fall and Spring, but must be available to sell sportswear at various events. (2)

    TEACHER APPRECIATION: Week-long celebration: door decorating, lunch, baked goods box, favorite memory jar, homemade cards, organize breakfast or lunch for the teachers and staff two times throughout the year. Organizers can make the food or have the event catered to be held on dates coordinated with the principal/school secretary. (2)

    THANKSGIVING FEAST: Organize the annual Thanksgiving Feast for all students. Committee members need to set up the night before and be present during the feast held in school the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Requires 4-6 hours in school hours. (2) 

    UNICEF: Run the UNICEF drive, which takes place at the end of October each year in conjunction with Halloween. (1) 

    VMAC LIAISON (MUNICIPAL ALLIANCE COMMITTEE LIAISON): Attend monthly meetings regarding drug and alcohol awareness programs provided for Verona’s elementary through senior citizens. Committee is made up of community members. Report back to the SCA. (1)

    WALK-TO-SCHOOL DAY COORDINATOR: Organize walk-to-school initiatives, including national Walk-to-School Day in October.  (2)