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    Mr.Phelan is a graduate of William Paterson University. He has been teaching Physical Education in Verona since the year 2000. Mr. Phelan enjoys reading, movies, playing softball and traveling in his free time. Mr. Phelan is also a big fan of the New York Jets, New York Mets and the New Jersey Devils.

    Whats Going On In Mr. Phelan's Class...

    Due to all the snow we have had this winter we are going to expand the P.E. program and add skiing and snow boarding units...JUST KIDDING.  All K-4 students are now involved in their fitness unit.  All the 3rd and 4th graders have begun their Marine Corp. Fitness Test.  Coming soon will be the Teambuilding Unit and after that, the Basketball Unit.  We will be very busy as we welcome the arrival of spring. 

    Mr. Phelan stresses safety, teamwork, sportsmanship, participation and having fun in his class. Listening, good behavior and giving your best effort are also very important in P.E.