• School Nurse Joan Petronico

    No knowledge is more crucial than knowledge about health.  Without it, no other life goal can be successfully achieved.
    Earnest Boyer


         In 1978 Mrs. Petronico graduated from Holy Name School of Nursing located in Teaneck, N.J. While working as a nurse she earned a Bachelor's of Science degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology, School of Architecture in 1985. Mrs. Petronico earned her School Nurse Health Education Certification in 1997. 
         Most recently, Mrs. Petronico accomplished the completion of her thesis project entitled "The Introduction of a Conflict Resolution Program into a K-4 New Jersey Public School". The result of completing this thesis was her attainment of a Master of Science degree in Health Education 2003.


    October      St. Barnabas Fire Prevention Program  Grade 3
                       Verona Volunteer Fire Department Fire Prevention   Grades K,1,2

    December   Staff Baked Cookie Sale!  Donations made to the Verona Children's Fund

    March         C.H.I.P.S.  Finger printing program for Kindergarten