Mission Statement

  • The mission of the Verona Public Schools, the center of an engaged and supportive community, is to empower students to achieve their potential as active learners and productive citizens through rigorous curricula and meaningful, enriching experiences.



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  • Standardized Testing Letter for 2017-18

    We are required by the New Jersey Department of Education’s Office of Assessment to notify you of the standardized testing that will be administered during the 2017-18 school year...

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  • Immigration and Public Education-Superintendent Corner Column May 2017

    Over the past several weeks, we have received inquiries from community members regarding newfound anxiety around immigration status and enrollment in public school education. The Verona Public Schools is committed to protecting the rights of all students, as we value diversity and nurture vibrant, robust spaces for student learning. All children are entitled to an education, regardless of immigration status. The law is clear that public schools have a responsibility to provide a free, thorough, and efficient education to all student residents. Read more by clicking the link in the headline.

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  • Important Information on Netflix Series 13 Reasons Why-Superintendent Corner Column April 2017

    The following Superintendent Corner Column entitled "Important Information on Netflix Series 13 Reasons Why" provides families with insights and recommendations for naviagting important conversations with their children on suicide prevention. Read more by clicking the link in the headline.

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  • Kindergarten Registration Packet

    The Verona Public Schools offer a kindergarten program for all youngsters who are five years of age on or before October 1, 2017. This program is designed as a child’s first introduction to public school.

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  • The State of Our Schools

    Welcome to the Verona Public School district. The past several years have been ripe with opportunities and collaboration, building on the successes of the past, and sustaining incredible momentum with our faculty and students. Our growth is the result of our focused commitment to the vision defined in our Strategic Plan, the support of our Board of Education and invested leadership team, a deeply committed and talented staff, the support of our parents and community, and highly engaged students motivated to achieve their maximum potential. Please click the above link to read more about what makes the Verona Public Schools so very special.

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  • Verona Public Schools Magazine Fall 2016 Edition

    The Verona Public Schools Magazine Fall 2016 Edition is the inaugural celebration of a focused endeavor to convey the progress of our collective efforts in the district’s strategic plan. The goal of this publication is to showcase where and how the district is moving forward and recognize the efforts of all involved; to reset ourselves to the next level of a standard so we constantly see the logical next steps to pursue; and to keep us grounded in the commitment to our community through our strategic plan. We hope you enjoy reading what makes the Verona Public Schools so very special.

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    June, 2017 – The Verona School District has announced it has information available for citizens interested in running for a vacant seat on the Board of Education.

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  • Board of Education 2017-2018 Budget Presentation - April 25, 2017

    The Board of Education 2017-2018 Budget presentation that was presented on April 25, 2017 Public Hearing, may be reviewed by clicking the above heading.

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  • 2017 V~SEA (Verona Summer Enrichment Academy)

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  • Brookdale Technology Donation Press Release

    The Verona Board of Education has accepted an anonymous donation of $14,400 that will go toward technology in the media center and technology lab at Brookdale Avenue School at the general meeting on February 28, 2017. With this generous donation, Brookdale Avenue School will be able to upgrade their media center technology...

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  • Verona Junior Woman's Congratulate Spelling Bee Winners

    On Saturday, January 11, 2017, over thirty 4th and 5th graders participated in the annual Junior Woman’s Club of Verona Spelling Bee Competition held at F.N. Brown Elementary School. A special thank you to our judges, Mrs. Cheryl Ashley, Director of the Verona Public Library; Mrs. Corisa Walker, Library Media Specialist at F.N. Brown and Brookdale Avenue School; and Mr. Charles Miller, Director of Curriculum who kindly volunteered their time for the morning. Thank you to Diana Weeks and Joanna Rybak from the Verona Juniors who organized the event. Finally, thank you to Verona Juniors President, Erika Grothues, who announced the words.

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  • Chromebooks in the Classroom

    Verona Foundation for Educational Excellence (VFEE) is proud to announce a Special Grant awarded to the Verona Public Schools in support of the District Wide Google Initiative. In 2015, VFEE granted $75,000 over the course of three years to support Chromebooks in our Classrooms. $25,000 was awarded at the Verona Board of Education meeting on September 8, 2015. VFEE will provide $25,000 per year for the next two years making the Google Initiative Grant the largest award by VFEE since its inception in 2007.

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  • Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Update

    The Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment department consisting of Director of Curriculum, Mr. Miller, Supervisor of Humanities, Dr. Bangia, and Supervisor of STEM, Mr. Stevenson, updated the Board of Education and the public with the latest information regarding Verona's curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

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  • Asking All the Right Questions

    Opening up dialogue with your child is critical to their outlook on life and supporting them in achieving their individual potential by asking the following questions: “What was the best part of your day and why?”, “What are you thankful for?” and “What was the most challenging part of your day and how did you handle that problem?”

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  • Inquiry in Action

    The Verona Public Schools district is dedicated to cultivating learning environments that nurture the curiosity that exists naturally in children. It was clear from teacher feedback that last year’s inquiry-based science pilot program fostered a high level of student engagement. The new science program, developed with support from the Smithsonian Institute and National Academies of Science, is being implemented this year in our elementary and middle schools with the goal of increasing student engagement and improving student knowledge of scientific processes.

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  • Field Turf

    December 8, 2016 The Star Ledger recently published an investigative article on Field Turf regarding a product called Duraspine used to construct athletic turf field fibers. Field Turf has advised the Verona Public Schools that the new athletic fields being installed in our community are not made with this material. Attached are two letters from Field Turf providing detail on the matter and confirming that the Verona Public Schools is not impacted by this situation. Please click the Field Turf tab above this text to view the correspondence.

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  • Leaving a Legacy-In Memory of Arthur Acquaviva

    Mr. Arthur Acquaviva, known as “Mr. A” to staff­ and students, was a valued and trusted member of the VHS family. Art was named Library Media Specialist in 2000. During his tenure, he was responsible for leading the effort to transform our library into a 21st Century learning facility. Earlier this year, we received news that Mr. Acquaviva made a significant donation to Verona High School in the amount of $266,042. In accepting this generous contribution, the District will be renaming our library the Arthur Acquaviva Learning Commons. The donation provides funds to continue Art’s desire to enhance VHS with a 21st Century space, infusing the learning space with new and flexible furnishings to meet our student and faculty needs. Additional funds provided by Mr. Acquaviva will be allocated for a scholarship fund for Verona High School graduates.

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  • Joint BOE-Township Meeting 10-24-16

    The Verona Board of Education and the Verona Township Council conducted a joint meeting on October 24, 2016 at the Verona Community Center to discuss important highlights specific to each organization. The Board of Education discussed the District Strategic Plan, Academic Progress, Commitment of our Staff, and Building and Facility Improvements. The Township Council provided information on Recreation Updates, Shared Services, and PILOT agreement discussion.

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  • VHS Fitness Center Fundraiser Press Release 2016

    Beginning October 2016, Verona High School instituted a new and unique fundraising effort that will raise funds to upgrade the VHS ­fitness center facility with new equipment while also enhancing the paver dedication walkway on the Thomas J. Sellitto Athletic Field. Please see the attached press release for more information.

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  • Thomas J. Sellitto Athletic Field Rededication Ceremony Welcome Address

    The following speech was part of the rededication ceremony on October 14, 2016 at the Thomas J. Sellitto Athletic Field at Verona High School.

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  • AP & PARCC Spring 2016 Results - October 10, 2016

    The Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, Mr. Miller, presented the Advanced Placement (AP) & PARCC results from last spring to the public at the October 11th Board of Education Meeting.

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