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Icebergs and Glaciers:
Titanic Survivor List:
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1. When did the Titanic set sail?
2. What was the captain's name?
3. What two stops did the Titanic make?
4. What do you call a first voyage?
5. How many classes were there on the Titanic?
6. What is an iceberg?
7. What is the bridge?
8. What messages were being sent from the wireless room?
9. Why did they call the Titanic unsinkable?
10. What time did the Titanic hit the iceberg?
11. How many hours did the Titanic have before it would sink?
12. What ship was 3 hours away and coming to the rescue of the Titanic?
13. In 1985, an oceanographer found the wreckage of the Titanic, what was his name?
14. What did he go down in?
15. What were some of the items found on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean?
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