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Budget Update Spring 2018

We are proud of the progress of the Verona Public Schools, with the efforts of our dedicated teachers and administrators, highly engaged and intellectually curious students, and supportive Board of Education and parental community. Our philosophy is one where we believe that all students can achieve at a high level and maximize their full potential.


The Verona Public Schools engages in the budget process and public Board of Education discussions each year. Information regarding this year’s school budget process is provided on the district website. We encourage members of our community to review the budget presentations and public discussions. Our district administration is currently in the process of conducting neighborhood school discussions with parents through each SCA. These conversations have been informative for our community members.


A historical review of the Verona budget history provides insight along with the implications of a 2% cap and reductions to State aid since 2011. A review of the comparative spending guide below highlights a lean operating budget low in spending in the majority of categories. Budget decisions are made by examining the needs of the district aligned to our community strategic plan while mitigating the impact to our classrooms. Adjustments were necessary this year to reduce operating costs and staffing positions in order to balance the budget. Any reduction to teaching positions are made as it relates to course enrollment projections which are driven by student and parent interest. In addition, the elimination of one administrative and two custodial positions were necessary.


We encourage community members to review the factual information in these documents on our website along with listening to the BOE meeting discussions to become more informed on the budget process and how decisions are made to minimize the impact to our classrooms. The following information is provided on the district website each year. The budget details for this year may be accessed via the hyperlinks below for anyone who would like to understand the budget process and the constraints that impact school financing:



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