Supply List for 3G

    As you look ahead to the new school year, please be ready to bring the following supplies with you on the very first day:

    •   One dozen pencils, sharpened (no mechanical pencils or pencil sharpeners)

    •   Extra erasers

    •   3 yellow highlighters (No other color may be used.)

    •   2 large glue sticks (Staples brand glue sticks do not work well.)

    •   A box of 24 crayons with the bottom taped closed

    •   A large pencil bag (but not a pencil box)

    •   2 marble composition books (any cover is fine). Label each with your name.

    •   A two-pocket folder with a picture of some kind (no solid colors)

    •   2 pads of 3”x 3” sticky notes (no more than two and no super sticky ones)

    •   A package of loose-leaf paper (wide rule) for homework (keep at home)
    •   A pair of scissors (optional)

    •   An art smock with your name written on it

    •   Two canisters of hand wipes to share with the class

    •   A one-gallon Ziploc bag 

    Please do not bring anything that is not on this list. The space inside your desk will be very limited.

    Inside the Ziploc bag, place the following items from above before coming to school: pencils, erasers, highlighters, glue sticks, crayons, sticky notes. 

    Have a great summer!