• H.B.Whitehorne Middle School Clubs


    HBW is proud to offer an array of clubs and activities for students after school hours. We believe that students benefit through engaging in extracurricular activities with their peers.  Students and parents are strongly encouraged to review this list and join clubs that are of interest. Do not hesitate to reach out to the teacher advisor with any questions.

    Please click here for a printable copy of HBW Clubs.

    HBW is proud to offer an array of clubs and activities for students after school hours. We believe that students benefit through engaging in extracurricular activities with their peers.  Students and parents are strongly encouraged to review this list and join clubs that are of interest. Do not hesitate to reach out to the teacher advisor with any questions.


    Basketball:  Grades 5-8

    Advisor:  Mr. Haerle - Basketball is a non-competitive way for students who enjoy playing basketball to meet weekly after school and play a friendly game. Both boys and girls are welcome, including all ability levels. Students learn the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship while playing a sport they love!  Basketball is held from January through March. 

    Battle of the Books Club

    Advisor:  Mrs. Kleinknecht- Seventh and eighth graders who loved Battle of the Books in 6th grade can continue the fun with this reading club that meets once a week during lunch from about January to May. Students form teams of four to six members and choose to read books from an assigned list. After some practice battles, the real competition begins. The top team in each grade goes on a field trip to compete against other schools. If you love to read, this is the club for you.

    Chef’s Club 

    Advisor:  Mrs. Sarett - Tired of having the same ole thing for lunch? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to prepare your own meals? Do you like to eat healthy? How about joining a club that could one day spark your interest in a future career? If you answered “Yes, Chef” to any of these questions then perhaps Chef’s Club would be a fun experience for you. We meet the last Wednesday for 6 months from 3- 4:30 pm. Dues are $10/month. Membership is limited to 15 members because of safety factors while working in a commercial kitchen. Experience is a plus and former members are encouraged to return. 

    **Parents must be able to pick their child up from club at 4:30 pm. Due to the hour students are not permitted to walk home for safety reasons. Carpooling is encouraged.

    Drama Club

    Advisors:  Mrs. Albano & Mr. Michalowski  All students are invited to be a part of the Spring Musical. Auditions typically take place in November/December with performances in March/April. All students who audition are cast in the show and can participate. Rehearsals are after school from 3:10-5:00 however times and days vary based upon roles. Students will have the opportunity to learn basic skills in acting, voice, choreography and scenic design. We perform in our auditorium to standing-room-only crowds!

    The Drawing/Art Club

    Advisor:  Ms. Mustardo - The Drawing/Art Club meets each Thursday afternoon throughout the school year from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Club members are able to use all Art room resources to work on their own projects. Guidance and activities are organized around student requests. The Drawing/Art Club partners with other clubs when there is a synergy to planned activities to help generate deeper enrichment experiences when possible. Club members also enjoy the opportunity to work with their friends on themes and materials of their choice. In addition the club offers an opportunity for students that are not able to fit Art into their school schedule during the year to enjoy art making experiences. We welcome student participation whenever they are able to fit it into their activity schedule throughout the year!

    Parents must be able to pick their child up from club at 6 pm. Due to the hour students are not permitted to walk home for safety reasons. Carpooling is encouraged.


    Advisors:  Mrs. Halbert and Mrs. Bielen - Dream Team is  a club that works with our school and community to support a variety of causes.  DREAM TEAM is sponsored by VMAC. Some activities our club runs are: JDRF, Red Ribbon Week, Box Tops, Neuphoric Syndrome, Family Night posters, and many more. We look forward to all students participating and working together as a team.  We hope all students come and help support the community. This club is a great place for students work on community service.

    The Environmental Club

    Advisor:  Mrs. Thomas and Mr. Haines - The Eco Club (re-purposed Environmental Club) 

    The new 2019 Eco Club will have a new focus with new activities. Our focus will be three-fold. It will strive to foster ecology-minded habits among our classmates, foster new recycling habits and develop a pollinator garden at HBW.

    Our new activities will include: creating videos and posters for the school, developing a program to eliminate single use plastics in our school, conduct a study of student generated waste stream, raising plants indoors, research and plant the outdoor garden. The club will oversee the recycling program but will not pick up classroom recycling. We will also take ideas from our members for activities.

    The Eco-club will meet on Thursdays in room 211 but will be flexible with activity dates. You can join this club and others that meet on the same day. Mr. Haines and Mrs. Thomas are the new advisers.

    Floor Hockey

    Advisor:  Mr. Kish - Floor Hockey meets on Thursday’s in the Spring. The club welcomes all who are interested in hockey to play some pickup games. Different captains and teams are chosen weekly. All students and grade levels are welcome to play. The club promotes sportsmanship, teamwork, and fosters a love for the game. 

    French Club

    Advisor: Madame Sandhusen - Bonjour!  The HBW French Club is open to all French students in all grades.  This club is a fun way to celebrate French holidays, try French foods, learn about French-speaking cultures and traditions and play French games.  The French Club also participates in the Annual French Day Celebration that take part at all Verona Elementary Schools. If you are interested in experiencing the various cultures of the French-speaking world, join us!  We meet once a month on Thursdays in Room 108 at 3:00.  Monthly dates will be announced in class, on weekly newsletters and posted on Google Classroom.

    Golf Club

    Advisor:  Ms. Domenick - FORE!!!  Welcome to the Golf Club!  Our first swing will take place in the spring of each school year.  The first informational meeting will be in mid to late February with our first lesson end of March to April.  We finish up the club end of May to early June depending on weather and the need to reschedule. Our club is designed for anyone interested in this great game that the whole family can play together long into their golden years.  Whether you are an avid player or just want to see if you might like to try the sport, we welcome you to join the Golf Club. It is a lot of fun!!


    The club consists of 5 fundamental lessons usually off-site at Willowbrook Golf Center, then a par 3 - nine hole outing at Twin Willows Par 3 Golf Course as our culminating activity.  At the par 3 course, we practice all the skills we have been learning the weeks prior. The lessons start with the putter then build up to the driver. We hire accredited golf pro(s) to lead the lessons along with the advisor(s).


    Since this is a sport, by NJ State Statute, all students must fill out the pre-participation physical forms.  Since it may take time to have your doctor fill out the forms, please have this completed by March. The website with all the details and forms is:   https://www.veronaschools.org/Page/6107


    Starting mid to end of February, announcements will be made to attend the informational meeting held in room 201.  Due to the size of the buses available to me, the Golf Club is limited in the number of students. Getting your information and paperwork in very early is the best way to insure a spot.  Please forward any inquiries to ndomenick@veronaschools.org.

    Kind Club

    Advisors:  Mrs. Hanulak and Ms. McMinn -The purpose of the Kind Club is to spread kindness, compassion, and acceptance throughout the school and community.  Kind Club members participate in activities that help to promote these ideas. Members help to design and paint murals around the school, host an outdoor movie night, create and maintain a Kind Wall in the school, and much more.  They also engage in open and honest dialogue about the struggles students face in middle school and beyond and how we can bring about positive change. Come join us on Wednesdays in room 221 from 3:00-3:45. 

    Library Aides

    Advisor:  Mrs. Kleinknecht - This club is perfect for students who love spending time in the library and those who may need community service hours. Students volunteer to help out on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Fridays after school. The librarian assigns a variety of tasks, including, but not limited to, shelving, scanning, decorating, and helping with book fairs. 

    Maker Club

    Advisors:  Mrs. J. Zambrano (formerly Ms. Harth) & Ms. Sullivan - The Maker Club is focused on creating more opportunities for students to develop confidence, creativity, and interest in science, technology, engineering, art, and math through making.  Club activities will include several team projects as well as additional contest opportunities. Activities are designed to combine content areas in meaningful and inventive ways - inviting students to pick up a hand tool, putz around with loose parts, and make a mess while creating original projects. For the 2019-2020 school year, participation in the Maker Club will vary according to grade level.  Members in grade 5 will meet once a month during the months of September through January. Beginning in February, Grade 5 students will have the opportunity to participate in the Maker Club STEM Olympics. Members in grades 6-8 will be eligible to sign-up for our winter Snowball Launch as well as the STEM Olympics. Members will meet in Rm 114 from 3:00-4:00pm on their scheduled dates. Please visit Mrs. J. Zambrano’s teacher webpage to access the Maker Club Calendar for this school year.  All other information will be posted outside Rm 114 on the Maker Club bulletin board for members to access. 

    Messenger Magazine Club

    Advisor:  Mrs. Kleinknecht - Students who work on the Messenger, our Literary Magazine, will select student work submitted by teachers of any content area. The work includes essays, poetry, short stories, book reviews, letters etc. Afterwards, the selections need to be typed and illustrated. Editing and layout are other tasks that are completed by the staff. Typists and illustrators work during the meetings held on Thursdays from 3:00 to 3:45 in the media center. In June the magazine is printed and distributed to the entire school. 

    The Mandarin Club

    Advisor:  Mrs. Qin - The Mandarin Club is open to students who are taking Mandarin of H.B.W. Middle School. It seeks to promote the language and culture of Chinese through extra-curricular activities such as learning how to make paper cutting or Origami, playing Yo-Yo or table tennis or majiang, making Chinese food or watching Chinese movies, and learning Chinese calligraphy. The Chinese Club also aims to foster a better knowledge of the Chinese Language outside of the classroom like trips to Chinese events and local Chinese restaurants, and etc. We meet on every other Tuesday from 3:00pm-4:00pm in room 105. 

    Newspaper Club

    Advisors:  Mrs. Hanulak and Mrs. Miskinis - Is your child an aspiring writer or photographer? Do they like to be on the spot when ground breaking news happens? If so, then the school newspaper is the perfect extracurricular activity. Newspaper Club allows your child to foster relationships with other students in grades 5-8. It also teaches your child how to work with others and how to be creative. Have your child join Mrs. Hanulak and Mrs. Miskinis in room 301 on Tuesday afternoons from 3-3:20 p.m.

    Peer Leadership

    Advisors:  Dr. Smith and  Ms. Lijoi - The role of a Peer Leader is to guide students and help them learn skills to plan for the future. A peer is someone who is on equal standing with you. As a peer leader, students will learn new skills and help other people like yourself learn new skills, too. 


    What kind of things does a Peer Leader do? 

      • Participate in leadership activities. 
      •  Share ideas and listen to other ideas. 
      •  Help students learn about self-advocacy. 
      •  Lead scenes and role plays to help students think about how they want to act in certain situations.
      •   Lead activities to help students think about their future. 
      •  Help students find information about their community and about subjects that interest them. 
    •  Plan an event for students to attend. Meets on Thursday from 3:00-3:45pm in room 220.


    Rutgers 4-H Science Club

    Advisors: Ms. Heckel & Ms. Sullivan - The Rutgers 4-H Science Club experiments for 2019-2020 include: Cake Chemistry, Heating a House and an Oven, Measuring Ourselves, Sinking and Floating, Siphon Systems, and Wiring a House. At our weekly Monday meetings, students work in teams for 4-5 week blocks to explore each scientific phenomenon.  Each week, the investigation builds upon the previous week to challenge the students and further explore each phenomenon in depth.  Once students sign-up to participate in the monthly activity, they are required to attend all sessions related to that topic. Each topic is limited to 40 student participants, but the 40 participants may change each month. Due to the fact that this is a 4-H club, all student participants must be registered for 4-H before beginning any monthly activities. The Rutgers 4-H Science Club is being funded this year through a VFEE grant.


    SAFE Club

    Advisors:  Mr. Moschella, Dr. Smith and Miss Curro - The SAFE Club is a student and staff ran club that focuses on providing a safe space for students to talk about issues concerning the LGTBQ+ community.  This includes discussing topics like transphobia, homophobia, gender identity and social and political issues concerning the LGBTQ+ community in a fun and creative way.  Another focus of the club is to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ issues as they pertain to HBW.  The SAFE club focuses on creating an accepting and friendly environment where all opinions and views are valid and are up for discussion.  Please join us!!

    Soccer Club

    Advisor:  Ms. Heckel - Soccer Club is an indoor activity in which there is no out of bounds. The ball can be played off the walls. Different teams are chosen each week. We stress sportsmanship and team skills. The score is not important. What is important is that everyone has a good time.  Soccer is held from September through December. Students must have a current physical form on record with the school to participate.

    Spanish Club

    Advisors:  Ms. Freire - The Spanish Club is open to students who are taking Spanish at  H.B.W. Middle School. It seeks to promote language and culture of Spanish through extra-curricular activities. The Spanish Club also aims to foster a better knowledge of the Spanish Language outside of the classroom. Another great aspect of this club is to get a chance to meet new people, make friends...and practice a little Spanish too!  The only requirement to join is to come to the meetings and our activities as scheduled.

    Spanish club Major events include: Mes de la hispanidad (Oct), Día de  Muertos Celebration (Nov), Navidad / Los Reyes Magos (Dec. Jan.), San Valentín (Feb), Fallas de Valencia (Mar), Semana Santa (Apr), Cinco de Mayo (May)

    Why join the Spanish Club?

    • Learn about Spanish culture
    • Meet new friends
    • Enjoy the hispanic food, festivities, and celebrations

    Student Council

    Advisors:  Mrs. Albano and Mrs. Pietrucha - After being voted into office by their peers, the members of the Student Council enhance their leadership abilities, citizenship skills, and demonstrate responsibility by taking an active role in their student government, as well as activities, including the majority of H.B.W. fundraisers. These students are considered "model" students and apply that privilege to their everyday lives.  The Student Council is the governing body of the students at H.B. Whitehorne Middle School and has a threefold purpose: To help students become more aware of the role they play in the community; to better the conditions of the school, both among the students and about the school; to raise funds for various student activities.  See the HBW Student/Parent Handbook for additional information regarding membership.

    Tabletop Game Design 

    Advisor:  Mr. Haines - In Tabletop Game Design club Students will play a variety of strategy-based dice, card, role-play, and board games. Each week the focus will be on a different element of game design, such as narrative, objective, resource management, etc. with the goal of developing a strong understanding of game mechanics. At the beginning of fourth marking period students will begin using their knowledge to design and construct their own playable strategy board game. 

    Verona Athletic Association (VAA)

    Advisors:  Mrs. Albano and Mrs. Catalano - The VAA is an after-school sports club for students in all grades. Although we have many clubs that are geared towards academics, HBW also has many clubs geared towards sports and other student interests. The VAA (Verona Athletic Association) is one of the sports clubs at HBW. Instead of focusing on one sport, the VAA club offers a variety of non-competitive sports/activities. The club focuses on the importance of fitness, hard work, teamwork, and sportsmanship. The VAA club gives all students the chance, regardless of grade, gender or athletic ability, to explore different sports and activities, while having fun.  VAA club – ALL SPORTS, ALL STUDENTS, ALL FUN! Sports played throughout the year include: four-square, soccer, basketball, floor hockey, indoor golf, fly-ball, kickball, bocce and more. VAA meets on Wednesdays from 3:00-3:30 pm in the Gym with Mrs. Albano and Mrs. Catalano.


    Advisors: Ms. Siwek and Ms. Heckel -  Yearbook is a great way to meet new friends and express yourself creatively, and each student's contribution to the yearbook can be seen come to fruition when the yearbook arrives in June!  After being trained in how to use the Walsworth Yearbook Online Design Program, students are partnered up and given the opportunity to design a yearbook spread that they can work on both at our weekly Friday meetings or at home.  In addition to designing pages, throughout the course of the year students also help out with various other yearbook-related tasks, including selling yearbooks, photography, working on promotions, and eventually yearbook distribution.

    There is a place for everyone on the yearbook staff, whether one is interested in drawing, designing, writing, photography, or public relations. Although editors are usually eighth graders, seventh graders are also actively involved with the design process.  In December, interested sixth graders are also invited to join and act as apprentices to the seventh and eighth graders by assisting them with their pages. Fifth graders are asked to be patient, get to know HBW, and will have the opportunity to get their feet wet when they are sixth graders.