Nathan Scott
    Science Department
    Supervisor = Glen Stevenson
    In 2020-21 I am teaching general chemistry
    Welcome to Chemistry with Mr. Scott!
    To all of my prospective and incoming students, I am looking forward to getting to meet, know, and work with each of you!  Have a great summer, and in September, we'll embark on an epic journey together! 
     "I loved the discovery chemistry offered.  I loved the thrill of experiment, the challenge of trial and retrial.  I loved the puzzle of it.  I will also admit a somewhat foolish fondness toward the apparatus involved.  The bottles and tubes.  The acids and salts.  The mercury and flame.  There is something primal in chemistry, something that defies explication."
    - Patrick Rothfuss in Wise Man's Fear

    Chemistry is an exciting field of study that investigates how the world works at the  smallest level.  If we can’t understand the microscopic, how can we possibly understand the macroscopic?  Chemistry is about always asking questions.  Why do things work the way they do?  How do they work?  When do the things I just observed NOT work?  Are there any counterexamples?

    I am excited to be beginning my seventh year of teaching at Verona High School, after a long career as a synthetic organic medicinal chemist.  
    All classes will now be updated through Google Classroom.  
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