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    Name:Danielle Pico
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    Welcome to Ms. Pico's Homepage

    Week of June 11, 2018
     The Summer Assignment Google Classroom codes are as follows for the course you are taking next year.

    College Prep Algebra II - 7cxdo4
    Honors Algebra II - kmbxirh

    Please join the Classroom where you will receive all the directions and have a great summer!
    Summer Assignment for Students taking Geometry or Honors Geometry
    Please join the Google Classroom using the code below and you will receive all the directions.
    Geometry/ Honors Geometry - r1tjzw
    Geometry Summer Assignment
    ***This assignment is for BOTH CP and Honors Level classes.***

    1) Please create an account on www.deltamath.com, if you do not have one already. 
    (I would suggest to use the same information that you use for your Verona Schools log-in)
    Teacher Code: 978676
    Teacher Name will be Mr. Thai

    2) Select "Geo Summer 2018" when asked for the section. 

    3) The assignment will be posted on the site. If you have any questions, please email me. jthai@veronaschools.org

    Verona High School Mathematics Department

    Summer Assignments

    Please log on to Delta Math to complete the Summer Assignment for Geometry. This summer assignment is for ALL students entering Geometry CP and Honors Geometry. 

    The summer assignments for the mathematics department will be available on www.deltamath.com. In order to access this website, you must use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer with the installable Google Chrome Frame. 

    When you reach the login page, you should create a username and password.
    I strongly suggest to use your veronaschools.org username and password. 

    You will be prompted to enter your teacher’s ID. Please choose your teacher’s ID based on which class you will be taking next year. Please be aware that you will not necessarily have the listed teacher as your classroom teacher for next year. The listed teacher is just the point person for the summer assignment in each of the indicated courses. When you enter your teacher ID, you will be asked to select a course section. Please select the course section “Geo Summer 2018.” 


    Geometry – Thai                 Code: 978676 (Choose Geo Summer 2017) 

    This assignment is for students
    ENTERING GEOMETRY in September 2018.  


    Once you do so, you should arrive at a home page, with your Summer Assignment listed in the center of the page. This assignment will have several sections listed underneath it. In order to receive full credit, you must receive 3 out of 3 on each section. Please take advantage of the many features available on www.deltamath.com, including the worked-out example problems, videos, and immediate feedback for any incorrect answer.


    Geometry classes

    Click on class period in left margin
     for all homework and upcoming assessments





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