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    Dear Parents,

    The Verona High School Sports Booster Club supports and promotes all Verona High School athletic programs. With the commitment of our parents, athletes, and coaches, we have been able to enhance school spirit, boost team morale, and, most importantly, offer financial support to all teams. During each school year, the Boosters work tirelessly to raise the necessary funds to enhance the team experience for all athletes. All of the funds raised are returned to our athletes with often needed uniforms, safety equipment, and end of year academic scholarships. This fundraising effort has become most challenging in difficult economic times, yet with the support of many, the Boosters continue to fulfill our commitment to our student-athletes. We have included a listing of contributions made by the Boosters on the attached page.

    Last year was an unprecedented ending to the sports season and school year. Boosters were unable to have their spring booster dinner to celebrate our athletes and their accomplishments. Andy Yeates did a terrific job putting together a fantastic slideshow. As an organization, we were able to come together and honor the scholar-athletes with the first-ever graduation honor cords, which is something we will be continuing going forward. We also picked up the cost of all of the plaques and special awards.

    As we begin the 2022/2023 academic and athletic year, we are looking for our families to support the Boosters organization. We don’t know what fundraising is going to look like yet this year, or if we will be able to host the beefsteak in February. Due to COVID, we have canceled our fall fundraiser. As an organization, we need not only donations but members. A large portion of our organization graduated with the Class of 2022. Please consider both your financial support and physical support as we navigate this new school year. As an organization, we would love to be able to continue to support all of our student-athletes, players, and coaches, but we can’t do it alone. PLEASE get involved.

    Please consider contributing to the Boosters organization. We welcome any monetary donation your family can contribute to supporting our outstanding student-athletes.

    Thank you in advance for your support.

    Lisa Freedman & Dawn Mulligan
    Co-Presidents, Verona High School Sports Boosters


    If you would like to donate, you may include cash or a check made out to the Verona Sports Boosters.


    Remember, all Student-Athletes directly benefit from all donations.


    Family :_______________________________ Donation: __________________



    • Annually award approximately $6000 in scholarships to graduating senior athletes
    • Purchased Practice Jerseys and weighted pucks for the Ice Hockey team
    • Purchased 2 Pole Vaults for Track team
    • Purchased uniforms for Softball team
    • Purchased water rollers (squeegees) for Tennis teams
    • Contributed to sweatsuits for Wrestling team
    • Contributed to VHS for purchase of a defibrillator
    • Purchased Long Sleeve T-Shirts for the Ice Hockey team
    • Purchased long Sleeve T-shirts for Girls Tennis
    • Purchased 2 Speedo Aqua blade Record breakers for Swim Team
    • Purchases Shorts for Freshman Basketball team
    • Contributed to VHS for purchase of a Projector system
    • Purchased Lighting/Storm Detector
    • Purchased Wind Jackets for Golf team
    • Purchased Camcorder & Tripod for use by all teams
    • Purchased scale and singlets for Wrestling team
    • Purchased Fence, Pitching Machine, and Hitting Net for the softball team
    • Purchased Radar speed gun and 3 Pitcher Cold Shoulder Wraps for Baseball team
    • Purchased Set of Goals for Lacrosse teams
    • Purchased two sets of practice pug goals and two agility ladders for the Girls Soccer team
    • Assisted in the purchase of a new net 7-pole system for the Girls Volleyball team
    • Provided financial contribution to the Fitness Center
    • Purchased Shooting Practice Rings for the Basketball team
    • Purchased Utility Cart & Blood Pressure Cuff for the Athletic Trainer
    • Created a Fund earmarked explicitly for use by the Athletic Trainer
    • Purchased Home Uniforms for both Boys & Girls Varsity Basketball teams
    • Purchased Baseball Jackets for Baseball team
    • Purchased and built a shed to be used by Boys & Girls Tennis
    • Purchased scoreboard/fence for Varsity Baseball Field
    • Contributed to concussion helmets for Varsity Football
    • Contributed to Freshman Soccer Uniforms
    • Purchased signage for Tennis Courts
    • Purchased break away athletic sign for athletic teams
    • Contributed to the hydration system for all athletic teams
    • Contributed to sound system Tom Sellito athletic field
    • Warm-up Jackets for the Boys and Girls Tennis teams
    • A Net System for the Girls Volleyball program
    • Softball pitching machine
    • Uniforms for Baseball and Soccer programs
    • "The Gun" Shooting Machine for the Basketball program
    • Track and Field Equipment
    • Contributed to Field Hockey Uniforms
    • Contributed to Fence for Softball
    • Started the honor cord program to acknowledge our scholar-athletes