•    The rules of REMOTE learning…  


    R= Remember ...

    -> Rest up and get a good night’s sleep so you can be focused and ready to work 

    for the school day

    -> Eat before going online and dress appropriately for learning 

    E = Environment …

    -> Find a quiet, comfortable place that is conducive for learning with little to no


    -> Camera should be on the entire class time 

    M = Machine/Microphone …

    -> Make sure your machine is charged/plugged in 

    -> Make sure your mic is on mute when you are not speaking

    O = Organization …

    -> Have your materials available and ready to work at your work space

    -> Plan your daily schedule so all responsibilities are met

    T = Time …

    -> Be on time for class meetings and complete all work on time by the due date

    -> Use your time wisely to schedule breaks when possible for stretching/bathroom

    E = Education ..

    -> Pay attention, stay focused, be an active participant, and be respectful to 

    yourself and others

    ->Ask questions and ask for help when confused and/or you need clarification