• Good afternoon,


    As we embark on Phase 1 of the NJSIAA Guidelines for our Summer Recess period beginning on July 13, please understand that our practice sessions will look very different from previous years.  There are a number of rules and regulations that must be followed at all times to ensure the safety of our student-athletes and coaches.  Please be advised of the following procedures that will take place during Phase 1 (July 13-27, 2020).

    Prior to Arrival

    1. Coaches will provide the drop off location for your son or daughter prior to practice. 


    1. The Health History Questionnaire should have been completed and handed in no later than July 6. 
      1. Students who have not turned in this form cannot practice. If a student turns in this form on the day of practice, the student will not be allowed to participate until the form is cleared by the nurse. The student will also need to return home until cleared.
      2. The final day to turn in this form is Monday, July 6, between 10 AM-3 PM in the collections box in front of the Verona High School Main Office. The collection box will remain in the same location for collection of physicals unless noted by Mr. Merkler. 
      3. Legislation regarding physicals is pending, but it is recommended that you turn in the completed physical form prior to the dates listed on the athletics website. Regardless, the health history questionnaire must be turned in on or before July 6 in order to practice on July 13. 


    1. Students must hand in a daily COVID-19 screening questionnaire
      1. This form must be completed prior to arrival for practice and handed to your Coach or designated personnel upon arrival. If a student answers yes to ANY question, the student must stay home and not arrive to campus. 
      2. Students cannot return until medically cleared by a doctor. That note must be sent to Jason Calo at jcalo@veronaschools.org


    Student Arrival

    1. Please plan on arrival at least 20 minutes prior to practice time in order to begin screenings. 
      1. Any student that is late for the workout will not be permitted to participate and must return home.
      2. A screening station will be set up to conduct daily screenings of all students. Students will line up based on arrival and distances 6 feet between each other. 


    1. After handing in the daily questionnaire, the student-athlete will have their temperature taken with a contactless thermometer.  
      1. If the student-athlete has a temperature of 100.4 F or above, the parent must bring the student home. 
      2. The student cannot return until medically cleared by a doctor and that clearance note is sent to Jason Calo at the email address above.


    1. Parents must wait in their vehicle while the student undergoes a temperature check.
      1. Parent cannot leave until the student is cleared for participation and enters the field.
    2. Once cleared, the students will be socially distanced by a minimum of 6 feet and must wear a face covering. Assistant coach will group students into their predetermined pods of 10.


    During Practice

    1. Students must stay in coach determined pods of 10 at all times. 
      1. Once the pods are made, students may NOT change groups for the remainder of Phase 1.


    1. Students may remove face covering during high aerobic activity but are required to wear them when not participating in physical activity. 


    1. Each student must have individual hydration available. 
      1. Please have the students put their name on their individual bottle and available for use at any time.


    1. A designated ball or balls must be used by one pod only and will stay with that pod for the duration of practice. 
      1. Only school issued balls will be used.


    1. Sanitizer will be used at any break during practice.
      1.  While hand sanitizer will be available for use for every team, it is recommended that students bring and label their own personal hand sanitizer.


    1. If a student has to go to the bathroom, only 1 student will be allowed in at a time.


    1. All practices/conditioning sessions will be a MAXIMUM of 90 minutes and will take place outside only, including all warm-ups and cool downs.


    After Practice


    1. Students should be picked up by the family member who dropped them off when possible.


    1. Students should immediately shower at home after practice and clean clothes.


    1. Continue to hydrate after practice.


    1. All balls and equipment used during practice will be sanitized after practice by school designated personnel.


    Odds & Ends

    1. Our coaching staff will be responsible for setting the dates, times, and locations of practice and communicating that information to our team members. 


    1. Once Phase 1 guidelines are complete, students will enter into Phase 2 guidelines.  
      1. It is expected that the NJSIAA will release those guidelines no later than 2 weeks prior to July 27.  


    1. The NJSIAA is anticipating that the official start date of Fall Sports will stand at August 10 for football and tennis and August 17 for XC, field hockey, soccer, and volleyball. 
      1. Those dates are subject to change. 


    1. If you are traveling to one of the states identified by Governor Murphy as requiring a quarantine upon your return, please be advised that this may affect your being able to participate right away upon return. In this event, it is advised you self quarantine and contact your coach for an individual workout.


    1. The non-contact period that was scheduled for 7/25/20 and lasting until 8/2/20 has now been waived by the Super Essex Conference as of 6/26/20. 
      1. Please note that while teams may elect to have practice during this time, attendance is not mandatory. 


    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at rmerkler@veronaschools.org or your head coach. We thank you for your continued support and patience during this unprecedented situation.


    Bob Merkler

    Director of Athletics & Special Programs

    Verona High School