• April 2019 Insights

    Autism Awareness

    In April, 1970 The Autism Society began a nationwide campaign to raise awareness about autism. Almost 50 years later, April is still designated as National Autism Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness about both the strengths and challenges of those individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

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  • April 2019 Solutions

    To Medicate, Or Not To Medicate?

    Having a child diagnosed with emotional or behavioral problems is difficult for parents, and choosing the best treatment can be daunting. Every parent wants his/her child to be well, but since any treatment (or lack of treatment) has potential side effects, deciding whether or not to use medication may be the biggest challenge of all. The media is flooded with contradictory “expert” opinions on this topic, but there is no substitute for informed parents who are up to speed on the facts, fallacies and ambiguities concerning the use of medication for children.

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