• February 2019 Solutions


    Not My Child
    Most parents believe that there is a teenage drug problem, but for other children, not their own. In a 2013 National Drug Survey, 52% of the 13-17 year old students polled reported experimenting with alcohol and/or marijuana. Interestingly, only 10% of these surveyed parents reported that their child used alcohol; and less than 5% reported that their child smoked marijuana. To close this gap between belief and reality, parents can acknowledge the possibility, in fact, the likelihood, that their children have experimented with alcohol and other drugs and begin to accept this challenge head-on.

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  • February 2019 Insights


    Choose Love
    With the approach of Valentine’s Day, as students plan to exchange heart-shaped cards and candies with friends and family, teachers can seize the opportunity to convey a much greater lesson about love. School personnel can help students to learn about, and live by, the “Choose Love

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