• January 2019 Newsletter- Solutions



    Caring for Your Child by Caring for Yourself

    When an individual becomes a parent for the first time, there is an almost immediate shift of priorities. Time, money, space, and other family resources are typically focused on the health and well-being of the new tiny family member, and many parents indefinitely set aside their own needs and priorities.

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  • January 2019 Newsletter- Insights


    Recognizing Teacher Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

    While most would agree that a teacher’s role is, first and foremost, to educate students, it is also clear that today’s teacher is expected to adopt multiple other roles and functions. Teachers are increasingly expected to be motivators, mentors, behavioral specialists, parent advocates, and guardians of their students’ sense of safety and belonging at school. At the same time that teachers’ roles are expanding, so too are the demands to keep up with and incorporate technology into the classroom, to create and implement curricula that are consistent with revised standards and are adaptable to each student’s learning style, and to meet testing and other accountability requirements.

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