• Approved 8th Period Snack List:

    In order for our fifth graders have a snack in the afternoon while still ensuring the safety of our students with severe allergies, we have come up with a list of approved foods for students to eat during eighth period snack.  It is important that we keep the list small and simple so it makes it easy for our teachers to monitor.


    • Hard Pretzels or Plain Pretzel Sticks (Rold Gold/Utz) Plain/salted not “dipped or flavored”
    • Pepperidge Farm Goldfish:  Pretzel/cheddar/pizza flavored
    • Sun Chips:  Original, Harvest Cheddar
    • Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats
    • Oreos – Original or Double Stuff
    • Carrot or Celery Sticks
    • Fresh Fruit


    All items except for the apples/oranges/celery/carrots should come pre-packaged in the manufacturer's’ wrapping so that our teachers can make sure that these are the correct nut-free brands.  In case your child happens to forget to bring a snack, our cafeteria sells Rice Krispies Treats and Sun Chips.


    For drink, students should bring water, or they can make a trip to the water fountain.


    We believe that this solution benefits all of our students.