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Sra. Zambrano

World Languages: Grading Policy 2019-2020

All grades will be determined by a TOTAL POINT SYSTEM

 In order to determine your grade for the marking period, add up all the points you earned and divide it by the number of possible points you could have earned.  For example, if the total points you earned is 275 out of 300 possible points, divide 275 by 300 (then move the decimal point over two spaces to the right) = 91.7… you get an A-!

  1. Tests (50-100 points each), Quizzes (5-50 points each), & Benchmarks, if applicable (10-50 points each)
  • Speaking, reading, writing, and/or listening.
  • Notice will always be given before a test or benchmark, but may or may not be given before a quiz.
  1. Projects (10-100 points each)
  • Oral and/or written.
  • Individual, pair, or group.
  • Various forms of art, media, technology, etc.
  1. Homework (1-3 points each, not to exceed 10% of marking period grade)
  • Assigned and graded on a regular basis.
  • Must be completed on the day it is due.  Late homework will not be accepted, unless you are absent.  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to present the missed homework assignment to the teacher as soon as you come back.  If you do not show your homework to the teacher, it will count as a zero!
  1. Class Participation
  • Positive participation is critical to learning a foreign language…you must speak in the World Language whenever possible and participate whenever you can!

*Please note: No tests, quizzes, or projects will be sent home unless requested by a parent/guardian.  Benchmarks and Final Exams will not be sent home.  All graded assignments, except homework, will be kept in your in-class folder. Grades can be accessed on the Genesis Grade book; however students are also encouraged to keep track of their own grades.



Sra. Zambrano uses Google Classroom to post her homework.