• SCA Hot Lunch
    Updates on the way (8/2019)
    The Laning SCA Hot Lunch Program provides Laning students with lunch on Thursdays.  Please note that we are independent of the Pomptonian lunch program. 
    Participation is optional.
    Please order your SCA Hot Lunch online: myfooddays.com
    **It is very helpful if you remind your child of the lunch you purchased so please mark your calendar.**
    SCA Hot Lunch Menu from September 2017 to November 2017
    Esposito's Bagelwich
    Pizza Chicken Fingers Pasta Bagel
    The seasonal fruits, vegetables, juice and water are purchased by the Laning SCA.
    2 slices cheese pizza; seasonal fruit or veggie; apple juice / water 3 chicken fingers; buttered bread; fruit or veggie; apple juice / water penne pasta (butter or sauce); bread; veggie; apple juice / water plain bagel (cream cheese; butter or plain); seasonal fruit; apple juice / water
    Sept 28
    Oct 26
    Oct 5
    Nov 2
    Oct 12
    Nov 16
    Oct 19
    Nov 16
    $4.15 $4.15 $4.15 $2.60

    last updated on 9/14/2017