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Week of Respect

Brookdale Avenue School took part in classroom activities each day centered around different themes. These themes included respect for the environment, serving as members of a team, showing appreciation for our service members, and displaying respect to our school community. There were many activities throughout the week that students took part in in the classroom connected to each day’s theme. As part of this week, students participated in National Walk/Bike to School Day. “Jack the Jackal,” of the NJ Jackals Baseball Team, led Brookdale students on their walk to school. The schoolwide Week of Respect assembly, was led by our LDTC and Anti-Bullying Specialist, Karen Tully. Mrs. Tully discussed what it means to be respectful. Students sang “Teaching Peace,” a song that Mrs. Szybist taught all students in music class. Fourth grade students took part in the assembly by leading us in the R-E-S-P-E-C-T chant.