SGO Resources (examples, DOK documents)

NJ SGO examples:
Physics, 9th grade, simple
Physics, 9th grade, tiered
Math grade 8 tiered specific annotated
Math grade 8 tiered specific

Rhode Island SLO (Student Learning Objective) Examples:
Mathematics: Grade 1
Mathematics: Grade 7 
Mathematics: Grade 9
Science: Grade 4 
Science: Grade 8 
Science: Grade 11  

Maryland State Department of Education SLO (Student Learning Objective) Examples:
Biology – High School
Math - Fraction Grade 3
Math Grade 7

Ohio SLO (Student Learning Objective) Examples
Grade 1 Math
Grade 10-12 Algebra II
Grade 6 Science
Grade 7 Science
Grade 12 Advanced Placement Environmental Science 

Support Documents for Evaluating DOK Levels
Increasing DOK levels do not indicate increasing Difficulty! They indicate increasing Complexity! And despite what the DOK wheel implies, DOK levels are not about verbs.

3 DOK Levels: ONE VERB

DOK 1: Describe three characteristics of metamorphic rocks. (simple recall)
• DOK 2: Describe the difference between metamorphic and igneous rocks. (requires cognitive processing to determine the differences in the two rock types)
• DOK 3: Describe a model that you might use to represent the relationships that exist within the rock cycle. (requires deep understanding of rock cycle and a determination of how best to represent it)

Presentation from the GED Testing Service about DOK levels
Example Assessments with DOK Levels Identified