Attention parents of children with developmental disabilities:

Changes have been made to the process of applying for eligibility for Division of Developmental Disabilities services (DDD). The responsibility for providing services has transitioned from DDD to the Department of Children and Families (DCF) Children’s System of Care (CSOC). To review new procedures and download applications please go to:

If you have any questions about this process or need additional information, please contact Mrs. Nicole Azzati, School Social Worker at or 973-571-2029 x 7512.



Below are links to a variety of resources and agencies:


AUTISM:  (Parents guide to autism and pervasive developmental disorders)  (Parents of autistic children)




DYSLEXIA: (Read by Jane Kazmerek about a girl with dyslexia) (Oregon Branch of IDA: Students talking about dyslexia - 2:22 minutes) (Overcoming Dyslexia:  Finding Passion-Piper Otterbein -7:12 minutes) (Dyslexia Advantage-Dyslexia: Different for a Reason (from the Conference on Dyslexia and Innovation, March 2014 in San Francisco, CA - 6:52 minutes) (Dyslexia Advantage-Entrepreneurs Panel at the Conference on Dyslexia and Innovation: -50 minutes. Excellent video for teachers to understand how exciting it is to teach students with dyslexia, it is great for parents to understand why they should not give up, and more importantly for the students to show them they can be a successful person in this world.)



FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: ("One-stop" shopping resource for a wide range of programs provided by the Dept. of Human Services.) (Affordable health coverage) (Affordable housing)  (NJ food stamps program)


GENERAL:  (General NJ Special Education) (NJ Administrative Code)  (Referral information for any social service in New Jersey) (Council for Exceptional Children)



Noogieland (Free Youth Programs for children and teens touched by cancer) - Gilda's Club of Northern NJ (Hackensack) 201-457-1670





http:// (Contact information to several NJ agencies for various issues and crises.) (Assistance in finding state or local health and human service resources.) (Division of Child Behavioral Health Services)  (Confidential helpline for NJ youth and young adults (888) 222-228)


LEARNING DISABILITIES: (Learning Disabilities Association of America) (National Center for Learning Disabilities) (Iris Center – resources for inclusion)


PARENT SUPPORT: (Link to applying for Developmental & Intellectual Disabilities-Formerly DDD) (Autism resources, workshops, and general information.) (State website with information on children health, development, behavior, parenting, and child care.) (Family Support Center of NJ - family resource network offering information on disabilities, workshops, support groups, and special needs activities.) (Family Support Organization of Essex County - offers peer support, education, advocacy and referrals for families in crisis - specific to emotional and behavior challenges.) (Statewide Parent Advocacy Network - offers resources and support to families for children with disability.)


PRISE (Parental Rights in Special Education):


RECREATIONAL PROGRAMS FOR CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: (Montclair YMCA-swim lessons) (Music Together - inclusive music and movement program for children newborn to five) (Rocking Horse Rehab / hippo-therapy) (Ashley's Soccer Domain (Multiple sport programs for children with special needs) (Indoor Rock Climbing) (Shooting Star Gymnastics)



SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL: (NJ System of Care – Behavioral and Mental Health Services 24 hour hotline) (Grief support for children – free support group in Verona)  (24/7 Youth Helpline) (National Institute of Mental Health) (How to talk to children about news events) (NJ Self Help Clearinghouse) (Family Support Center of NJ)




SPEECH/LANGUAGE: (Accreditation/information) (Homework help, language based games)


SUPPORT GROUPS: (Information and referrals for the treatment of Eating Disorders. Helpline: 1800-931-2237)  (Peer support group for teens who are struggling with the effects of someone else's problem drinking.) (Support group for children suffering the loss of a parent from death or divorce.)



TRANSITION: (Division of Developmental Disabilities-DDD) (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services-DVRS) (Non-Driver Identification Card) (Voter Registration) (Access Link - public transportation service for people with disabilities.) (Information on establishing guardianship.) (Supplemental Security Income -SSI) (Medicaid)  (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation) (National Center of Secondary education and transition)  (Information about post-secondary choices) (students-with-disabilities?affiliateId=rdr&bannerId=ssd  College Board –SAT accommodations for students with disabilities) (templates/story/story.php?storyId=94429083&ps=rs An autistic child’s journey to college)