Join Us for The 2014 Laning Avenue School Tricky Tray
"Portraits of Excellence"
6:30pm, March 12, 2014
@ The Grove

(691 Pompton Ave, Cedar Grove)


The Laning School and Community Association (SCA) is proud to partner with the educators of the Laning Avenue Elementary School to support student achievement, build character, and foster community pride and spirit.  This website intends to provide you with up-to-date information about this year's Tricky Tray fundraiser event.  If you have any question about this event, please contact the Presidents Joanna Breitenbach (Joanna ) and Anthony Gardner (Anthony ). If you notice any information that needs to be updated, please contact the webmaster Venus So (Venus ).

Why is Tricky Tray so important for the school?
This important biannual fundraiser* has provided critical funds needed by our children and their teachers for success.  Last year, for example, the SCA purchased 4 new Eno SMART boards, converted all classroom blackboards into white boards, purchased a water cooler for the Teacher's Room, purchased new toys, games and crafts for indoor recess, 3 new document cameras, $1,000 in new classroom books, additional painting supplies to complete the hallway painting project, just to name a few. We need your help to make this event successful and expand on these contributions. 

* Tricky Tray fundraiser - like other similar named events (e.g. Chinese basket auctions, gift auctions, brown bag auctions), participants buy raffle tickets and place the tickets in containers near the prizes they hope to win. One person can put as many tickets as they want in a given container to increase the odds of winning.  The prizes can include electronic gadgets, gift certificates to restaurants, tickets to Disney, etc.  Many of them are donations from you (donation form on page 3).

What is "Portraits of Excellence" Tricky Tray?
It is the theme of this year's Tricky Tray fundraiser. Sponsors will be recognized on the Portraits of Excellence Community Partners Photo Display at the event.  Please refer to the Sponsorship and donation form for the different levels of sponsorship and benefits associated.

How can I contribute to this important event?
  1. Be a sponsor and get recognized on the Portraits of Excellence Community Partners Photo Display, press releases and other benefits.  The list of the sponsors will be updated periodically.  For details of the different levels of Sponsorship, please refer to the Sponsorship and Donation form.  Please submit the form by Feb 1, 2014. Any question, please contact Joanna Breitenbach (Joanna ) or Anthony Gardner (Anthony ). 

  2. Buy Admission Tickets and participate in the event on March 12. Please use the Admission Tickets form and make checks payable to Laning SCA. Any question, please contact Dana DeMars (Dana ) or Lisa Freeman (Lisa ).
    • Admission Tickets for Laning family tables
      • You can buy Admission Tickets for a table (10 people).  If you are buying Admission Tickets for fewer than 10 people, then the committee will combine people for tables.  Please provide the name and phone number for each person at your table.
      • If you are considering a commitment of a Sponsorship, then you only need to pay the number of people at your table minus the cost of the number of tickets included with the Sponsorship.  For example, If you are a School Pride Sponsor for $100 and are submitting a table request of 10 people, total payment for the table should be $495.  This takes into account the one admission ticket that is included in the sponsorship package. 
    • Raffle ticket bundles - additional raffle tickets can be purchased in bundles.  More information about this will come.
    • Individual Admission Tickets
    Note: as of Feb 4, all the Admission Tickets have been sold out!  Bundle Packet Sales will be available starting Feb 24.

  3. Donate a prize basket, basket items or monetary donation (donation form on page 3).  Please donate by Feb 19, 2014. Any question, please contact Lisa Freeman (Lisa ) or Dana DeMars (Dana ).
  4. Be a part of the Tricky Tray Committee to help organize the event. Please contact Joanna (Joanna ).

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